Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Wee Holiday Touch At 24

It's not much, but it's a beginning. The 'conservatory' at least has a bit of holiday festivity adorning her...the rest of 24C, not very much at the moment...but we're working on it!
I do hope they straighten up...they're a bit wonky at the moment, but wonky Paperwhites are better than no Paperwhites at all.

Taking deep pre-holiday breaths...♥


Lynne said...

Love your wobbly Paper Whites . . . I have my first one ready to bloom, TODAY!

helen tilston said...

Hello Jessica

You have made a good start. I love this little vignette. You are ahead of me. We have been inundated with visitors and now I am nursing a cold.

Helen xx

LPC said...


24 Corners said...

Lynne...That's fantastic!!! Love that yours showed their lovely heads today...I'm probably a few weeks out, though I know they're fast growers, hope these ladies are speedy. xo

Helen...We've just gotten over nursing our colds...they came upon us right after Thanksgiving and had both of us down for quite a while...just getting started myself now.
Wishing you fast healing and perfect health for holidays!! xo

LPC...Thank you! And thank heavens for paperwhites, such a quick holiday starter when the tree is being elusive. xo

Linnea Linneaus said...

Happy Holidays from the three guinea pigs and me :)

Elizabeth Rose Stanton said...

They look so pretty! Keep breathing!

gillyflower said...

Not much here either yet! Plenty of time!
Your daffs will be gorgeous - I love paper whites!
Have a great Christmas Jessica!
Gill xx

A Perfect Gray said...

now you are making me sorry that I didn't start paper whites this year! my husband says they smell too strong, but I love them.

happiest of holidays to you, my friend! donna

Anonymous said...

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Dumbwit Tellher said...

Wonky or not your Paperwhites look so charming Jessica. I can assure you that your home is looking far..far.. more festive than mine! I have thinking about you and hoping you, your husband, and your loved ones are of good health and ready to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year. We are only up for Christmas this year for 8, way too short, days. My plans are to come back in April, so my every hope is to see you (& Pam too) then? I want to see your beautiful home. I'm sending you all my love for a joyous Christmas and I'll wii be thinking of you as we celebrate in Portland.

Big hugs to you my friend xx